Samuel Taylor

  • Full Stack Creative

  • Art Director

  • Designer

  • Front End Developer

  • Motorcycle Maniac

  • 10 Handicap


I've had the opportunity to work in nearly every form of media, in many different industries. Here are a few things I learned along the way.

Creative Direction

I've had the opportunity to guide and mentor creatives of all levels. My philosophy is simple: we.

Art Direction

I've worked with some talented people who've taken my vision and made it great.


I'm from the school of trial and error. I work hard to make every project work and look as good as it can.


I'm not a developer. But I have the education to design intelligibly for all things digital.

Adobe CS

I've been using all the tools of the trade for many years and can aptly help others to improve their skills.


I'm a polished presenter and always eager to prepare decks to help others to present.


When I began my education I studied computer programming. Although I didn't directly pursue a career in programming at the time, it helped me tremendously in working on digital projects.

Miami Ad School

I spent two quarters at Miami Ad in Minneapolis and armed myself with real-world art direction experience.

CU Boulder

Brett Robbs was and remains the best mentor a young creative can have. Thanks Brett.

University of Wyoming

I began my college years at the University of Wyoming where I studied computer information systems.


I've had the opportunity to work with great creatives for great clients. Here are a few companies I've been fortunate to solve problems for.


A few kind friends have taken the time to recommend my work. Here are some favorites.